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Supported files

Here's a list of file types we can accept:
- CorelDraw X5
- Illustrator CS5
- Photoshop CS5
- 3D Studio Max
- InDesign CS5
- Serif PagePlus X2
- AutoCAD 2009

(If your unsure, please call us)

The key to quality output starts with quality artwork! Save time and money when supplying our art department with the right file format.
- Format: .tif, .tiff, .psd or .eps
(please do not send .jpg, .jpeg, .pict, .gif, etc.)

- Output Resolution: 300 dpi (scaled 1:1)

- Output Colour: CMYK

- Linked/Imported/Placed Artwork: Include all original artwork as seperate elements

Please make sure that you specify your job colours exactly how you would like to see them printed. If using spot colours, please specify swatch values whenever possible.

Examples include:
- Solid: Pantone 347C = R:0 G:155 B:72
- Process: Pantone 347C = C:96 M:0 Y:88 K:1

When scanning artwork for your printed project, we recommend using the following:
- Photos: 300 dpi or higher
- Line Art: 1200 dpi or higher

Font problems are common due to a large variety of manufacturers and version compatibility. Pleaseinclude all printer and screen fonts used in yourdocument to ensure that your job prints exactly to your specifications.
Note: Convert to outlines if possible.



Novus Games Ltd  Brief: Design logo for a new games company

Vector artwork

GTOUK Membership Card Brief: Create a membership card to celebrate 20 years


Sign work

Starbucks Coffee Brief: Working with John Anthony Signs to produce site schemes



DMS International Consultants Brief: Re-design of old website to include new corporate image

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We are a small but dedicated company, based in East Anglia. Our experience in design spans many years, covering a variety of media, from Sign creation...

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We are dedicated to providing the best possible design solution for all our customers!

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We have been involved in many small to large projects, dealing with Bank rebrands to individual corporate identity. We like to work closley with our clients...

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As a design company we want to be able to offer the latest advancements in website management, so now we offer websites created in Joomla!...

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